Designers as collectors of inspiration

What is your age?


Do you design or create professionally?

In which of the following categories do you design most often?

(check all that apply)

Did you attend a design/art school?

What types of things do you collect that inspire your creations?

(check all that apply)

Which best describes the way you collect for design inspiration:

How frequently do you collect for the following 3 purposes:

1) Examples of complete things that I design

(e.g. pictures of kitchens if I design kitchens or outfits if I’m a fashion designer)

2) Objects or components that add up to the things that I design

(e.g. a beautiful lamp if I design interiors or an interesting navigation feature for a web designer)

3) Elements that reflect a mood that I’d like to include in my design

(e.g. an image of a shell with a beautiful curve I’d like to use in my layout or a photo of a landscape with a color palette I might use for a piece of jewelery)

When looking on the Internet for inspiration:

If you find something online (or take digital picture) what are you most likely to do with it?

What best describes your collection?

("place" can refer to a collection box, file folders, bookmarks, online tool, software, etc.)

(e.g. notes, tags, scribbles, etc.)

When looking back into your collection to find something for a new project:

Do you share your collection with others?

Do you have access to other people’s collections?

While collecting or reviewing your collection, would you like to see recommendations for similar items/images/media?