The Record Shop
resto-coffee bar

Coming to a North End neighborhood near you...The Record Shop will be a full service restaurant and cafe serving locally sourced breakfast, lunch, and all things caffeine. We are an eclectic bunch here in the North End so we hope to offer options for all, whether carnivore, herbivore, locavore, vegan, or gluten free. But instead of us guessing, why don't you take a few minutes to tell us what you want. (All information collected will be used for our business planning purposes only. We promise not to sell you out!)

How often do you hang at a cafe per week?

What beverage do you usually order at a cafe? check all that apply.

How often do you eat out for breakfast in a week?

How many of those hard earned dollar bills do you shell out for breakfast?

How many times a week do you eat out for lunch?

How much do you drop on lunch?

Would you pay a buck or two more for fresh, local ingredients?

Whatcha want when you eat out? Check all that apply.

Where would you go for breakfast or lunch? Choose all that apply.

What is your age group?

Where in the HRM do you live?