Spiritual Life Inventory (SLI)

The purpose of the SLI is to help you assess where you are now in your spiritual journey. Based on your responses to the following 36 statements, you will then be assisted to identify what next steps you can take to keep moving ahead in your spiritual growth. Honest responses will be most valuable to you in doing this self-assessment.

Welcome to Broadway Church! We are a local church in Vancouver, British Columbia with a mission to "produce fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ."

The Bible describes spiritual growth as a new kind of life that begins with getting to know Jesus Christ.  That life expands as we get to know Jesus better, become familiar with God's story as found in the Bible, and get involved with Christ's work in the world.  As we continue to grow, we become more and more like Jesus.

         As your life becomes more like Christ’s (mature spirituality), the more your life will look like his in the following areas (adapted from Bill Hull on Discipleship):
  •  You will believe what Jesus believed – Share His Convictions
  •  You will live like Jesus lived – Grow into His Character 
  •  You will train like Jesus trained – Practice His Spiritual habits
  •  You will love like Jesus loved – Express His Compassion 
  •  You will minister like Jesus ministered – Model His Life of Service
  •  You will lead like Jesus led –Be Directed by His Mission/Purpose
 The Spiritual Life Inventory is a tool designed by our Discipleship Ministry to help people take the next steps forward in their spiritual growth on their way to something Jesus describes as "abundant life". We invite you to use this tool to help you take steps to move forward in your spiritual journey.

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