Brief Survey

This short survey will help us get general feedback on what you found useful in the siku Atlas, and what still needs work.

1) Which siku Atlas sections did you look through?

Select all that apply.

2) For only those sections that you explored, rate how interesting you found the information provided.

Very interestingSomewhat interestingIt was alrightSomewhat boringBoring

3) For only those sections that you explored, rate how much you feel you learned from the content in each.

I learned a lot, this was all new to meI learned a fair bit, most of this I did not know beforeI learned a little, I've heard about these topics before, but learned a little more hereI didn't learn much, most of this was already familiar to meI didn't learn anything, I knew all this before

4) For only those sections that you explored, rate how easy you found it to navigate the pages.

EasySomewhat easyModerateSomewhat difficultDifficult

5) On any of the pages, did you have problems viewing, opening, or connecting to any pages or links?

Check all that apply. Please describe the issue that came up, or the link that was not working in the boxes provided.

Please describe your opinion.

7) Rate your overall impression of the siku Atlas as an educational or information-sharing tool.

I like it very much (highly relevant, and useful)I like it (it's a good overview of key topics)It's okI'm not crazy about itI don't like it (not relevant, not useful))