Welcome...getting started

This survey was developed to help evaluate the usefulness of the Inuit siku (sea ice) Atlas as an educational tool developed for youth in northern communities and schools.

Before starting this survey, please be sure that you have browsed through at least a few different pages of the siku Atlas (http://atlas.gcrc.carleton.ca/isiuop/). It is recommended that you keep the Atlas open in a separate browser window, so that you can refer to it as needed during the survey.

We are interested in getting feedback from northern students, teachers, elders, and other community members who have been a part of this International Polar Year (IPY) Inuit Sea Ice Use and Occupancy Project (ISIUOP) over the past few years.  We are also keen to hear from researchers, Inuit organizations, northern government departments, and others interested in helping to improve this Atlas.

We are trying to make sure that research results can be effectively turned into educational materials and activities. Your feedback will help us to improve this Atlas, and future projects.

We thank you for taking the time to go through this survey, your opinion is very important in the process of revising and improving the siku Atlas.   

From the ISIUOP team.

For key contacts refer to: http://atlas.gcrc.carleton.ca/isiuop/contacts.html