Ignite Chanukah 2011 Spark Voting

Easy peasy, just tell us how interested you are in each of the Ignite Chanukah spark submissions.

Mensch Up!

Men are an endangered species. As gender roles shift and women receive more and more opportunities to be the breadwinners, men are faltering in maintaining their current responsibilities and integrity. The emerging phenomenon of "guys" is allowing men of all ages to shirk their duties and avoid mature behavior. Using Jewish principles and values, I will explain the need for a new breed of men.

Just the Tip: A Thorough Examination of Circumcision

At eight days old, I wasn't given a choice. Now that I'm older, I've always wondered what was missing in my life, and whether I would make the same choices for my kids. Just the Tip is my chance to take a closer look at Jewish sausage modification, the pros and cons, and what it all really means.

Channeling your Chanukah Chakra

It's not just about sun salutations. Other aspects of yoga that are indispensable in daily life.

That's Right, You Heard Me, I'm Not On Facebook.

I am so NOT into social media. I would love to have a platform to rant a bit about that, tying in a few statistics and studies on social media, but mostly reflect on my personal opinions and choices around Facebook and Twitter and other social media. And, how those choices stem from a place of "voluntary simplicity" and also sharing some Jewish values that tie into voluntary simplicity.

Jews Don't Play Derby! And Other Stereotypes That Can Bite My Shiny Metallic Ass.

The only thing that shocks people more than finding out that I play roller derby is when they find out that I'm also Jewish. This spark will take a brief look at the stereotypes associated with being Jewish and/or playing sports, as well as the history of Jews in roller derby.

What's the Connection Between the Maccabees and Marshmallows?

This presentation connects parenting, child development, the need for instant vs. delayed gratification, the devolution of communities into single and no-parent families, the crash of our community and the faith of the Maccabees.

How to Create a Miracle!

In relating to the miracle of Chanukah I thought it might be fun to explain my own personal experience in creating miracles some big some small...

From Live Chicken to Meat: a Photographic Journey

Using pictures from our recent community kosher chicken slaughter event to show the process of shechita (kosher slaughter), all the way from live chicken to kosher bird ready to eat.

"It's the End of the World As We Know It, and I Feel Fine"... Or Do I?

Markets are down, countries are going bankrupt. We are on the verge of the biggest financial collapse the world has ever seen. People are taking responsibility and starting to believe that our system is broken and one can affect change. How is our world shifting and how can you prepare yourself, both on a spiritual and practical level, to survive the collapse?

Flashing Jewish People

Flash mobs are an amazing social phenomenon that have moved their way from New York to the Rocky Mountains. I want to talk about some of the best flash mobs ever and how you can find a mob or start your own.

How I Walked the Tree of Life and Made a Fortune in Erotica

How can the Tree of Life help make dreams come true? After 6 years as a struggling author and entrepreneur in the erotica industry, I came to a crossroads-do I continue on with my work, or pursue something new? For guidance, I took a 10 week journey on the Tree of Life which led to my greatest success. This is the story of my inspirational, and at times hilarious, adventure.

What's the Point of All This Mishagas: An Explanation of the Meaning of Life.

Have you ever asked "What is the Meaning of Life?" In my work as an occupational therapist, this question comes up frequently, as many of my patients are disabled, unable to do all the things that previously made their lives meaningful. I will elucidate the meaning of life, drawing on perspectives from adults with disabilities, Holocaust survivors, and Judaism.

Jewish Sex: Why Jews Have the Hottest Sex Lives

A look at how and why Jewish law creates a template for optimum sexual satisfaction and pleasure--and how Jews today can create sexier and more meaningful intimacy.

We'll let you know which sparks were picked, when tickets are on sale (right now!), and everything else Ignite Chanukah related.